Commissioning a piece of bespoke, hand-made furniture should be a memorable, engaging and hugely rewarding experience. The following steps are intended to ensure such an outcome:

Initial Consultation: Ideally, the preliminary discussion will take place where the piece is to be situated so early consideration can be given a style, scale, choice of wood and finish that will compliment its suroundings. This collaboration captures, not only exacting functional requirements, but also any design preferences and ideas the customer may have.

Follow-up: Draft proposals, including sketch drawings, outline specification and budget costs are tabled for feedback.

Detailed Proposal: Using the outcome of the follow-up meeting, a detailed proposal is presented for approval. This will include working drawings, final specification, firm price and estimated date for completion.

Commitment: If the proposal is accepted, 50% of the price becomes due, the wood is selected and work commences. Customers are most welcome to visit the workshop during construction to see their piece take shape.

Delivery: The finished piece is delivered, whereupon the outstanding 50% of the price is paid.

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